NanoVi™ at Chill Zone Cryo in Cincinnati, Ohio

NanoVi Technology

What is a NanoVi?

This revolutionary device uses bio-identical signaling to stimulate cellular repair, enhance immune function, and elevate overall wellness. By replicating the body’s natural processes, it supports optimal cellular health, enabling you to experience increased energy, sharper focus and a fortified immune system.

Cellular damage is caused by free radicals, as well as what you eat and breathe, what you are exposed to… It’s even implicated in the aging process and credited for contributing to the world’s most chronic diseases. Since the incidence of chronic disease is on the rise, improving cellular activity has become an increasingly important health factor.

Why should I make NanoVi Technology a part of my wellness journey at Chill Zone Cryo?

Adding the NanoVi to a wellness regimen at Chill Zone Cryo can have a profound impact on your health and well-being, enabling you to:

Service time:

15 minutes


Every day if needed

NanoVi™ at Chill Zone Cryo in Cincinnati, Ohio

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NanoVi FAQs

Here are some of our clients’ most commonly asked questions about the NanoVi, but if you would like to know more, just click here to contact one of our specialists!

You will relax in a serene environment while inhaling cool, humidified air infused with NanoVi’s bio-identical signaling. Each session lasts 15 minutes, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

For optimal benefits, we often recommend incorporating regular NanoVi sessions into your ongoing wellness routine. Our skilled staff at Chill Zone Cryo will collaborate with you to create a personalized plan that is tailored to your needs and goals.

Absolutely none. Breathing with the device is just like the breathing you do every day, only better because it boosts oxidative response at the cellular level.

This device works by triggering oxidative response, which is the body’s way of counteracting oxidative stress damage caused by free radicals. While free radicals are generally damaging, the final phase of certain free radicals acts as a signal for oxidative response.

Yes! The NanoVi is one of the most advanced ways for athletes to optimize performance. Benefits of using it before, during and/or after a workout are typically seen in both the athlete’s performance and their test results.

Athletes have been found to:

  • – Produce less lactate acid in muscles
  • – Generate more cell energy
  • – Exhale less unused oxygen
  • – Reduce their resting heart rate
  • – Experience faster heart rate recovery 

During an intense workout, you metabolize far more oxygen than normal. Metabolizing this oxygen leads to oxidative stress from the free radicals that are a natural byproduct of oxygen metabolism. This oxidative stress damages your cellular function causing cellular activity to decline, which means your cells age faster.

The NanoVi™ device assists your cellular activities to better address damage. Cells rejuvenate faster, which helps athletes train harder, regenerate faster, and perform better.

Cellular activity also begins to decline when people reach their 30s. People in their 40s may notice lower energy levels, and by the time we are in our 50s, most of us are looking for ways to look and feel younger.

Decline in cellular activities is associated with a wide range of chronic or age related diseases. The oxidative stress resulting from an accumulation of free radical damage takes its toll on cellular activities. Diminished cellular function is both a cause and an effect of chronic illness.

This makes it tremendously important to prevent or break any downward health spiral associated with oxidative stress. Improving the body’s response to oxidative stress is essential. Benefits of the NanoVi™ include, but are not limited to:

– Protection against and repair of free  radical damage

– Stronger immunity

– Improved utilization of oxygen and nutrients

– Improved cell energy production

– Improved cell metabolism

No, we do not accept insurance policies. You can always ask your insurance provider if they can reimburse you, but we do not accept insurance for payment. Many of our clients use their health savings account cards just like a credit card.

Memberships allow access to multiple recovery modalities and represent a greater value over single and multisession package pricing. (Please refer to the Session and Membership sheet.) More importantly, the membership model produces the best outcomes, regardless of your reason for seeking recovery. In an average month with multiple modalities available to you, we are confident you will see superior results when compared with single sessions or even a package of sessions. All membership levels include access to two or more modalities, plus additional discounts. The 25, 50 and 100 packs can be shared among multiple persons, but memberships can only be purchased under one person’s name.

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